Nashville Software School Cohort 29


Thank You!

To Our Instructors:

Jisie David: Thank you for taking the time to teach us such paradigm-shifting concepts with patience and a steadfast commitment to our understanding. Thank you for graciously exploring the rabbit holes with us and also pulling us back out. We hope that you forever cherish your Jisie mask and emojis.

Andy Collins: Thank you for all of the belly laughs. What you lack in dietary variety you make up for in wisdom and wit. Thank you for your tireless dedication to our understanding of the complexity of C#. We know your first class will always be your favorite.

Emily Lemmon: Thank you for not letting us take ourselves too seriously—your Giphy game is legendary. You are a debugging wizard. Thank you for always being patient and guiding us in the right direction to find the answers.

Leah Hoefling: Thank you for your continued support throughout this entire process. Whether it was being our personal cheerleader, a shoulder to cry on, or finding the magical Stack Overflow solution that we missed, we always knew that you were in our corner, rooting for us along the way.

Madi Pepper: Your positivity and ability to explain abstract concepts (and legibly write them on the whiteboard) gave us the much needed confidence that we could do this! We not only appreciate the support you have given us, but your dedication to cute t-shirts and llama cups will always be an inspiration.

To the NSS Team:

John Wark, Jeremiah Vasquez, Laura Buchanan, Mandy Arola, Kristin McKinney, and Ashley Canino—thank you for tirelessly working to make NSS and our experience here a success!